OUYA reaches Kickstarter funding goal

The new Android-based home console, OUYA, is well on its way from promise to product. Less than twelve hours after the project emerged on Kickstarter, it reached its goal of $950,000 in funding from potential consumers.

The goal of the system is to open up the business of home consoles and provide indie developers with a simpler and more affordable way to get their games into the living room. OUYA will cost $99 as a finished product, and though game developers will decide what to offer in demo form and what will require a purchase, every game available on the system will be free to try. A purchase of the console will include OUYA’s controller, which in addition to standard fair touts a touch screen for easier porting of mobile games.

As of now, the project is still receiving funding and is now over $2.3 million in pledges.