Spartacus game in the works according to Ubisoft

Today Ubisoft announced to the press that they will be releasing a game based upon the popular television series Spartacus.

The game, which will be titled Spartacus Legends is being aimed for an early 2013 release and will feature a fully customizable gladiator combat experience. From the the released screens (which can be viewed in our gallery here), it looks like the combat will take place in arena settings.

The game follows your created gladiator from early days of training, to fighting in the arena, and eventually becoming a champion. Ubisoft says the game will feature a high level of character customization from appearance to fighting style and weaponry. Gamers can also choose to play as Spartacus or Crixus from the television series.

The game will reportedly feature online multiplayer action, and a ranking system. The game will also have offline multiplayer according to developers. Actor Liam McIntyre, who is known for playing the role of Spartacus on the television series is also apparently involved in the production of the game with his testing and feedback. The show is going into its final season, so the game may coincide in some way.

Fans of  the series and wannabe gladiators alike should keep an eye out for this game in early 2013.