Rare: Working on F2P Xbox 720 title?

A new job posting on the Microsoft careers website for Rare appears to hint that the developer may be working on future titles for the “Xbox 720”.

The posting states that applicants must have “Previous rendering experience on at least one released AAA title in the current console generation or for high-spec PCs,” as well as “Understand, assess and be capable of implementing real-time rendering techniques made possible by DirectX 11.”

The interesting aspect of the DirectX 11 requirement is that DirectX 11 is not supported by the Xbox 360. Therefore one could come to the conclusion that Rare is working on games for the next Xbox. Unless of course they are working on PC only titles. However, with their current console track record, it would be appear more likely that they are indeed working on a next-gen Xbox title.

Another job posting for a Principal Producer position (which can be viewed here) states that  “Experience around delivering and running online services or Free-to-play experiences would be a distinct advantage.”

This points to Rare likely working around a free-to-play model at some point in the future, with many industry experts saying it is the future. With earlier news pointing to the idea that the new Xbox will have a subscription based model, the free to play model makes sense with many analysts feeling that allowing the customer to make in-game purchases will be more profitable than one time up front buys.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the future of console gaming is indeed free-to-play, check back soon for updates.