Borderlands DLC keeps them coming back

Sure, each iteration in the Call of Duty series sells a bajillion discs and everyone who bought a Kinect has at least one dancing game, but one experience proves more addicting than any other: Borderlands. No other game this generation does it as well as Borderlands according to Gearbox President Randy Pitchford.

“Microsoft told us that the Borderlands had the highest attach rate of any DLC. When people love something, they tend to love it a lot. And I’m really gratified by that more than anything else. It’s what makes us fight the good fight. You kill yourself. You work day and night. You put your soul into something, and you hope that the outcome is that people will like what you’ve created.”

I know I played the snot out of Borderlands and that Borderlands 2 is on my must-own list. How about you? Did Borderlands keep you coming back for more or did it leave you stranded in the desert?

You can check out the full interview with Pitchford here at MCV UK.