EA would like to see a Kingdoms of Amalur sequel

Speaking to Game Informer, EA president Frank Gibeau has said the publisher is open to the idea of more Kingdoms of Amalur, because the original “was terrific” to play through. Gibeau stated that the situation at 38 Studios was “unfortunate” as EA saw “a lot of creativity and vision” in what 38 studios had created.

Before 38 studios untimely demise, rumours had Big Huge Games working on the sequel. With the state of the franchise very much up in the air, EA is still hopeful Amalur has a future. “We built a good business there and hope there’s a sequel to it someday. We’d love to be a partner for that.”

However, with Epic Games now owning Big Huge Games it’s likely they won’t be making anything Kingdoms of Amalur related for some time. Rumour does have Big Huge Games considering a spiritual successor a la Demon’s Souls to Dark Souls where the story and universe are unique but game mechanics are preserved.

Lets hope 38 Studios can work something out with the state of Rhode Island and secure a future for the franchise. I think the 1.2 million people who bought Amalur (my self included) would like to see that happen.