Aliens Colonial Marines release announcement explained

Many people were sorely disappointed when the February 2013 release date for Aliens Colonial Marines was announced. Oddly enough, Randy Pitchford (Gearbox CEO) has some sympathy for them, reports.

Apparently, the original project announcement, made in 2006, was released before Gearbox had written a single line of code.

“20th Century Fox and Sega got so excited that there was going to be this sequel to Aliens that they put out a press release before the ink was even dry on the paper.

“I think their aim through that was driven on the business side, but immediately this demand was created before anything was even made.”

Gearbox tends to wait until later in a project’s development cycle to make an announcement about a game. If the media had been informed about the game on Gearbox’s normal schedule, we might have only had to wait two or three years for the game instead of seven.

This problem is compounded with Aliens Colonial Marines because it is a project that has eschewed budgetary and release date concerns in order for the developers to focus on the “vision” and “quality” of the game.

In other words, they knew that the game would spend a long time in development. The original announcement was probably a mistake that just got all of our hopes up.

On the upside, we might be getting a hell of a game for all our patience. Or lack thereof.