Announcement trailer released for Unmechanical

A premier trailer has been released for upcoming PC and iOS indie title Unmechanical. The game is “2.5D” side-scroller which according to developers Teotl Studios features “tricky puzzle solving, alluring exploration, and an engrossing atmosphere.”

Unmechanical has reportedly been in the works for one and half years now with a non-existent budget, so it will be interesting to see what developer Teotl was able to achieve. The game follows a small flying robot like protagonist as he finds his way through an underground series of pipes and crevices, while completing a variety of puzzles and tasks.

“Unmechanical has been about taking on something for real and working our fingers to the bone to get it done. It’s our hopes and ambitions combined into this very personal, unique, and awesome adventure that’s crafted with lots of love.”Said Marko Permanto, project lead for the Unmechanical team.

Check out Unmechanical on August 8th for PC and later this summer for iOS.