Awesomenauts to get PC release

XBLA and Playstation Network title Awesomenauts will be getting a PC release according to developers Ronimo Games. An announcement sent out by the company contained confirmation of the PC release as well as an announcement trailer which can be viewed below.

Developers say that the decision to bring the title to the PC came after hearing many requests from fans. The title will be released through the Steam platform within a month or so according to Ronimo.

“A few years ago we at Ronimo set out to create a great platforming MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. This resulted in the release of Awesomenauts for XBLA and PSN a few months back. A great looking and addictive sidescrolling MOBA, a first for consoles. But ever since we’ve shown the first screens and videos, we’ve been getting tons of requests to also bring this game to PC.”

A closed beta will be coming soon according to developers so check back for more announcements or head on over to their facebook page for more details.