Ensemble Studios founder Tony Goodman starting “PeopleFun”

Today it was announced that the founder of well-known Ensemble Studios (Age of Empires, Halo Wars), Tony Goodman will be starting a new gaming company called PeopleFun. The company will soon launch a still unknown title into beta  to go along with the opening of the studio. The company will reportedly have a focus on mobile games for platforms such as iOS and Android. Seeing as the mobile gaming industry is growing, this seems to be a wise financial move.

Not long ago Epic games said that Infinity Blade was their most profitable game ever, so other game companies may be trying to replicate this success. Tony Goodman spoke a bit to the press about the formation of PeopleFun.

“The explosion of mobile platforms including iOS and Android is amazing, and the market that has opened up for game creators is absolutely massive,” said Tony Goodman, CEO of PeopleFun. “We watched the space for a while and then it hit a point where I said, we have to get into this market. From that point, we assembled a team of some of the best people in the industry and just a few short months later, we got the studio into full production of our first title.”

The companies first release will apparently be a departure from the games done at Ensemble Studios, with Goodman saying: “We’ve got our first title almost to the beta stage already which is an accomplishment just keeping the lid on it this long. This is a departure from the games we made at Ensemble and Robot in terms of scope and genre, but I think our games will appeal to the gamer inside of all of us and hope to play with our friends in the community in the coming weeks.”

Check back soon for more news on PeopleFun and their upcoming beta release.