Sam Raimi no longer directing World of Warcraft film

According to an interview  done with Crave Online earlier this week, Spiderman and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi is not working on World of Warcraft‘s transition to film as earlier speculated. The film is still being made, just without Raimi.

With so many mediocre video game to film translations in the past, many people are hoping that the World of Warcraft film will do such a huge game justice on-screen. In my opinion there has been a lack of “epic-ness” if you will in video game movies. With the World of Warcraft universe having such grand scale, one would hope the movie would capture it all accordingly.

The film was first rumoured/announced in 2006, and considering it is now 2012 with no director attached to the film (at least according to IMDB) things aren’t looking that great. Hopefully it gets sorted out in time for a release sometime this decade. With millions of Warcraft players, there is a good potential audience for the film.

Check back soon for more news on the World of Warcraft film and the upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria.