Torchlight 2 release date still kept a secret

According to this posting on the official Runic Games forums by Travis Baldree (one of the co-founders of Runic), Torchlight 2 has no official release date yet because the company wants the game to be as polished as possible.

The post goes into detail about many changes that have been considered since the beta, such as class tweaks, skill changes, and more. Baldree talks about the changes from beta in the post stating:

“Immediately after the Beta we spent a good bit of time doing the last big changes that we were comfortable doing. We didn’t know how long these would take at the outset, because, well, we hadn’t done the Beta yet. Most of these changes were in response to feedback we received during the Beta and our own observations. The biggest of these had to do with our skill system.”

The post also talks about how Runic is polishing each Act of the game so that the experience is smooth. The game is reportedly much larger than the original and features four Acts, with both indoor and outdoor sections. Baldree states that he is currently putting the final touches on Act II, while others are working on finishing Act III.

Expect the game to be released, hopefully, this summer.┬áCheck out the full posting on Runic’s site for more details, including a look at the process behind tweaking the game for release.


Soon after this story was posted Brian Ward messaged us:

“Posted this over on Digital Spy as well: Not really sure why we’re there’s talk of another delay. Nothing has changed between yesterday and today in terms of getting the game out the door. Travis’ post was simply an update to the community about the things we are working on. We’ve been in polish mode since the end of 2011.”

We apologize if we misunderstood the post. We may have misunderstood the following statement, and we have edited the post.

“Many folks are anxious to see the game released – many have preordered, and want a date! We’ve been deliberately vague on this point. My hope is that if I give you an idea of what we’re doing, what it takes to do it, and the scale of it, it will make it apparent why that is.”