Darksiders II original soundtrack release date announced, available for pre-order

Sumthing Else Music Works has announced the release date for the Darksiders II original soundtrack. Anyone eager to pump out those dark ethereal tunes can be doing so on August 14th, when the 2 CD album hits digital music sites and retail outlets worldwide. The soundtrack is also available to pre-order now, just head on over to Amazon to guarantee your copy at the current price. Album tracks listed below.

CD 1
01 The Makers Theme
02 Into Eternity
03 Makers in the Outlands
04 Story of the Makers
05 The Corruption
06 The Makers Overworld
07 The Makers Fight Back
08 The Floating City
09 Crystal Spire
10 Trouble in Eden
11 Stains of Heresy
12 The Abyssal Plains
13 The Rod of Arafel
14 The Crowfather

CD 2
01 The Dead Plains
02 The Plains Await
03 Supernatural Desert
04 The Eternal Throne
05 City of the Dead
06 The Crypt
07 Death Brings Hope
08 Plains of Death
09 Demon Realm
10 Into the Shadows
11 Lord of the Black Stone
12 Dead Plains Reprise

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