Dungeon Defenders 24 hour mega deal on Steam

Trendy Entertainment are offering the ultimate Dungeon Defenders bundle, for under $20, as part of the current Steam Summer Sale. In the bundle you’ll be getting a full version of Dungeon Defenders, the DLC Lost Eternia Shards and every add-on ever released.

For those unfamiliar with Dungeon Defenders, it is an action RPG tower defence first released on iOS and Android devices back in December of 2010. It has since become a success, selling over a million copies and holding a PC metacritic rating of 81%.

The story follows four young apprentices, who, after becoming bored of their castle chores accidentally release an ancient evil force, which four online players then have to defend against through the use of towers and combat.

As with most of Steam’s Summer Sale this deal will only be running for today, the 21st of July. Other items in today’s Steam Sale, to name a few, include Civilization V, Crysis 2, and Magika.