The talent and technology of Beyond: Two Souls

Quantic Dream’s new game, Beyond: Two Souls, has generated quite a bit of buzz recently, reports.

The French company’s highly lauded Heavy Rain was something that gamers had never seen before. It was a cinematic adventure game with an innovative, branching storyline. Quantic Dream hopes that their new game will surpass the acclaim of that former title with the help of a brand-spanking-new graphics engine and, more importantly, a focus on the the motion capture aspect of the game.

According to Sony’s Victoria Ornstein:

“In addition to the new game engine, Quantic Dream has spent a lot of money upgrading their performance capture. So for Heavy Rain they used twenty-eight high-precision cameras to do the motion capture. In Beyond: Two Souls, we’re using sixty four. So it’s definitely an increase in fidelity for what’s being captured.”

“In addition to the body, they’re also doing the face and the voice at the same time, which leads to less discrepancy. At times in Heavy Rain, you notice the characters’ face and body movement would be slightly off and disconcerting, so the full performance capture–what they used in Avatar–would create a more realistic animation for the characters.”

Super sweet, right? But why the hell do we need better motion capture for this game, anyway?

Because it’s starring Ellen Page.

That’s right, the star of Juno will be playing the role of the supernaturally-inclined Jodie Holmes. And video game-Ellen Page is looking pretty damn photo-realistic.


Beyond: Two Souls. Screenshot from PS3 trailer. Image credit:


I guess the only question left to ask about this game is whether or not we’ve fallen to the bottom of the uncanny valley, or if we’ve finally just jumped over it?