Review / Legend of Master III (iOS, Android)

Developer: Gamevil

Publisher: Gamevil

Genre: RPG

Platforms: iOS, Android

Platform reviewed: Android

Price: Free

File size: 23mb


Here’s a game series you’ve probably never heard of; Legend of Master. The latest in the series, Legend of Master III, has just come out for Android and has been available for iOS since early June. Upon hearing about this game and doing a little research, I was tempted to skip over this. I couldn’t find an official launch trailer created in the English language, and none of the gameplay videos on YouTube have very many views, or even half-decent like/dislike ratios.

After debating whether or not I wanted to review a game with such a small amount of rep, I came to a realization. The world needs more mobile game reviews, especially for unknown titles like this. Every alleged ‘review’ I could find for this game on the internet consisted of either gameplay footage without commentary, or the Gamevil press release copied and pasted for your reading pleasure. If we are seriously starting to live in a world where a press release is considered a decent review about a game, then… I.. I can’t even think of a conclusion that’s bad enough. Let’s just say it’s not a world I want to live in, so in an effort to make the world right again, I’ll stop rambling and start with my review.

First impressions: Upon launching the game, you’ll notice (after clicking off a few ads) that the title screen spews bright red pixels all over the place, and the music playing is sad and dreary. Past the title screen, you’ve got options for sound, music, Gamevil LIVE, and a user interface editor that allows you to drag and drop pieces of the user interface wherever you want them to be, which I’m certain will be handy for those wishing to fine tune their gameplay. After touching ‘Start Game’, and selecting one of 3 save slots, you then get to pick your class: Knight, Lancer, Rogue, Fighter, Ranger, or Magician. After debating for a few minutes between Knight and Magician, I decided I’d stick with a Knight for my first character. Once you’ve made your choice, the story begins.

Storyline: Right off the bat, the protagonist Cain Ashton has seemingly cornered the evil and scantily clad sorceress B’kar, and is about to kill her in order to save mankind. After a brief (and kinda lame) dialogue, Cain thrusts his sword into the heart of B’kar, only to have her simply bat it away, say a few magic words, and petrify all his loved ones in an instant. Cain, who suddenly realizes he’s not powerful enough to defeat B’kar, casts a spell on himself that splits his spirit into 7 pieces and scatters them all over the world, which (oddly enough) will make them grow stronger until he can one day come back and defeat B’kar. Four hundred years later, the government is suppressing the people, steam and coal powered machines are polluting the air, and Cain Ashton is resurrected into another body (a previously occupied body, to be more exact) to begin his quest for the 7 pieces of his spirit he probably shouldn’t have lost to begin with.

Gameplay: I began walking around, getting a feel for the speed and controls, and I found that the controls were pretty easy to get the hang of. Once I had a good feeling for the controls and UI, I proceeded on with the storyline and found myself whacking angry tadpoles and vicious butterflies with my sword to level up, and speaking to various people to get quests. Combat in the game is easy and enjoyable for short periods of time, but it doesn’t take long before tapping the same button over and over again for the same result starts to ware on you. Questing is pretty standard; some of the first quests included gathering a certain number of ‘drops’ for various people, as well as disassembling and purchasing items. Enemies seem to respawn in most areas almost instantly, and just about all of them drop some sort of item for you to hold in your limited inventory.

Aside from the first couple areas, the game difficulty seems to be about what most games would call normal. Just like other RPGs, if you find yourself having difficulty with one section you can usually backtrack for a bit and gain a few levels in a previous area before continuing to make it easier.

The graphics of the game are definitely nothing to get excited about. I’ve seen some amazing graphics come out of mobile games, and Legend of Master III certainly does not have any. That being said, I feel like graphics are less important on mobile devices than they would be for most other platforms, and I’ve kept this in mind throughout the entire time I was playing.

The music in game was better than I expected, especially after listening to what was playing during the title screen. I was actually happy to be listening to the in game music in most areas, and didn’t feel the need to turn the music way down and Pandora way up.

Additional game modes: Included on top of the regular storyline are PVP and Dungeons. PVP requires 700 gold to get in, which is a decent amount of in game gold. Any player wishing to occasionally do PVP shouldn’t have a problem supporting themselves on just earning gold in game, whereas anyone wishing to hardcore PVP should expect to put forth real money for large amounts of in game gold. Dungeons are free to enter 1 time between 8pm and 9pm (you must pay real money to enter any other time), and are the place to go if you want to get any rare, powerful items.

Conclusion: Overall, I feel this would be a good game to try for RPG and mobile gaming enthusiasts. Despite the drawbacks in the storyline, graphics, and dialogue, the gameplay was decent enough to keep me interested for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, which is often times all you need in a mobile game. With only a 23mb download, and a zero dollar price tag, there isn’t much to lose except a little bandwidth and memory card space.

Score: For a mobile game, I give it a 5 out of 10. Comment below and let me know if you agree or disagree, and be sure to say why!

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