Company of Heroes 2 will freeze your a$$ off

THQ annoucned today that Company of Heroes 2 will feature a brand new weather condition simulator in the game. The weather simulator is called ColdTech which will introduce extreme cold temperatures to any infantry units caught in it’s blizzards. One of worst winters in Russian history happened during World War II in 1941, right when Germany was pushing towards Moscow. ColdTech was designed to make the blistering cold temperatures and terrible blizzards of this time the enemy to both sides, just as it was during World War II.

During any harsh weather conditions that the simulator generates all infantry units will begin to die slowly as they freeze to death, unless they have built fires or are inside a building. Larger blizzards will devastate units caught in the open and will force drastic changes to any commander’s plans. The ColdTech system will also remove and paint on snow during the game, if it’s snowing over a building or vehicle the snow will start to pile up but if it falls near any type of fire the snow will melt.  The snow in the game can slow down troop movements and the ice on a body of water can be destroyed, sinking anyone unlucky enough to be standing over it into the frozen waters.

Overall this new weather simulator is going to be an interesting/fantastic addition to an already amazing RTS series. Company of Heroes 2 will be released early 2013 for PC. Let us know what you think of this new technology in Company of Heroes 2 in the comment section below.