LOTRO Riders of Rohan War-Steeds

In The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan, players will no longer have horses just for traveling, they can now have War-Steeds which are bred for war. These new horses have their own abilities and traits and you will be able to upgrade your characters mounted combat.

There are 3 types of War-Steeds available:

The Courser – Fast and quick on it’s feet the Courser’s great speed allows them to build Fury faster letting them use more Fury attacks. This great speed and Fury regeneration comes at the cost of some of the War-Steed’s endurance and armor.

The Rouncey – The medium armored War-Steed brings a balance of armor and maneuverability to the battlefield. Rouncey riders are more for close combat than defense and support.

The Destrier – Destrier’s are the heaviest mounts of the 3 types of War-Steed’s. The heavy armor on the Destrier allows them to take a beating and enhanced Power gives them special charges and abilities but at the cost of having a slower speed and slower Fury generation.

For more information and images of the new War-Steeds click here. Let us know what you think of this new addition to Lord of the Rings Online in the comment section below.