End of Nations closed beta announced, YOU can win access

Trion has announced the second closed beta of their newest game, End of Nations, will be on August 10th through August 12th. End of Nations is a massive online RTS game with worldwide PvP that plays out across maps hosting 2-56 simultaneous combatants.

If 56 players in a giant global war sounds like fun to you (as it should), then you’re in luck. NVIDIA has given us a crazy amount of the closed beta keys, and we’d like to hook up as many of you as possible with one.

All you need to do to qualify is hop on over to our forums, register for an account, and post at least once. We’ve set aside about half of our available keys to go to the most active users on the forum, and the rest of the keys will be given away at random to any registered user with 1 or more post.  Everyone has until August 5th to register and post, and the winners will be notified shortly after that.

Click here to visit the forums now!

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