Paradox Interactive announces new strategy MMO title, Impire

Paradox Interactive recently announced that they’ll be taking a stab at the MMO market with their new game Impire, reports.

Paradox is the team behind games like Magicka and Mount & Blade. Needless to say, they have the whole strategy-dungeon-crawler-RPG thing down. Even though their new game is taking a little bit of a different approach to the genre, the company’s proven track record bodes well for the success of the title.

Impire is set in the same universe as Majesty, one of Paradox’s most popular game series. The game tasks players with building and defending their own “impire.” They’ll have to beat up enemy heroes and players, construct buildings, train units and manage upgrades. Pretty standard fare.

Other features include: user-designed dungeons, tons of minion types, magical item cards, a co-op campaign and various multiplayer modes.

Even though it sounds like they’re sticking to some pretty classic gameplay features, it’ll be interesting to see where Paradox takes the game and how they utilize the vast player base of an MMO community.