The world needs role playing games

Over the course of my 22 years of life, I have met and dealt with ignorant gamers who would have you believe that RPG’s (Role playing games…if you honestly do not know what RPG stands for you should not be on this website) are for *Insert Derogatory Homosexual Term Here* and FPS’ (First person shooters…seriously I shouldn’t have to put what FPS means here but I do it just in case someone actually doesn’t know…seriously) are the best games out on the market today.

I have to disagree with that assumption entirely, the RPG genre is without a doubt the best of the best. I dare a motherf***er to try and say I’m wrong…say it…I dare you. For example, to say that Battlefield 3 is a better game than any of the Elder Scrolls games starting from Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is blasphemy to anyone who has ever played an Elder Scrolls game. They have amazing stories that you will never forget and it’s your story, which makes it a billion times better! Role playing games have a way of getting me pumped up for a big battle or making me actually give two f**ks about a main character when they’re in trouble or try my hardest to “save the world”. There is no other type of game that does this for me. I can pop in any FPS’ and I immediately stop caring about the story because all I want to do is shoot people in the face.

Just ponder this question for a moment, what is your favorite videogame moment of all time? This moment can span a few seconds or minutes, it can be a really hard boss fight or just something stupid you did, but came out on top anyway. It’s really hard to think of your favorite videogame moment isn’t it? It took me a good hour to finally decide what mine was, I was pretty close to picking Grand Theft Auto V for when I would drive the opposite way down the freeway in a Big Rig hitting every car that was in my lane. The Arch-Demon boss fight at the end of DragonAge: Origins is my favorite videogame moment, not because it was hard or it was a good ending to a great game, but because I had killed Wynne at the Circle of Magi and Morrigan left the party because I wouldn’t bang her. If you have played DragonAge: Origins then you probably know where I’m going with this, if you haven’t let me explain. Wynne and Morrigan are the only two mage’s in the f**king game (Unless your character is one) and without them no one can cast any healing spells so you are forced to drink down health potions like it’s going out of style. If it wasn’t for Sandal at the staircase right before the boss fight selling a shitload of potions I would probably have had to start an entirely new game to beat that goddamn dragon. It’s moments like that, that make me love RPG’s because if you f**k up, it’s your fault and you got to deal with the situation at hand.

Everybody loves a good story and guess what? Role playing games have good stories that you can alter based around your personal feelings and choices you make in the game. Sounds great right? Of course it is, I see nothing bad about that at all. Having a say in what goes down in a videogame is…liberating…getting to play King or Queen in Fable III is the best example of that. After smashing everyone’s face in and taking the throne by force you start holding court, making the big boy decesions for once and possibly sentencing your own brother to death. Granted, most of the things you hold court for revolve around money, which ends up being repetative and in the end your choices don’t really matter. Side Note: If they put out DLC that added a sh*tload of problems that the King or Queen had to deal with other than money issues, I would buy that in two shakes of a lambs tail. Side Side Note: Did they do that already? The entire Mass Effect series embodies that ideal of letting the players choose what happens in a story based on your feelings. By making that a staple of the series they have one of the most dedicated fan bases around and multiple playthroughs of any of the Mass Effect games is almost guaranteed. There will be no bashing of the ending of Mass Effect 3 in this editorial…the BioWare team has had enough.
















Player customization…do I need to say anything else? Okay, I’ll say something else. Making the main character look the way you want him/her to, dress the way you want them to and play the way you want them to is awesome…plain and simple…it’s awesome. I’m not talking about picking your killstreak or what kind of sight you want on your weapon in Call of Duty, I’m talking about tailoring a character to what your feeling like. It’s role playing at it’s finest when you get a game that lets you pick what shape their nose is and if your guy is going to have a crazy tribal tattoo on his face. Have you ever grinded for countless hours to get that entire set of awesome armor for your character just because it looks cool? Of course you have! It’s what makes RPG’s great, you work your ass off to find all of the pieces and even if you find a better piece of armor ten minutes later, the journey to find all the pieces was worth far more than the armor itself in the end.

The world needs role playing games, the world actually needs more of them. People play videogames to escape the real world for a few hours and the best way to do that is in an RPG. I’m not trying to hate on the other genres here, I play Call of Duty, Battlefield, Shogun: Total War, Portal, Counter Strike, Dawn of War, Minecraft, World of Tanks and anything else big that comes my way just like any gamer does. Overall however, my videogame collection is mainly role playing games and I’d bet my life that most gamers collections are the same. “To each his own” is my unofficial moto and you can play whatever the hell you want to play, but do not come running up to me telling me that RPG’s are for “nerds” and Call of Duty is the only game that should be played because it’s ‘brotastic’. I will break you.