Consumers want free-to-play games

In a new post, MCV has reported that free to play games will be the future of gaming as opposed to the traditional one-time payment model. EA and BBC both told MCV UK that free games are what consumers really want.

“The future is not about one-time payments, the future is about freemium,” says EA Interactive senior VP Nick Earl. “A decent number of people convert to paying and they may not pay a lot but most of them actually pay more than you’d think.

You can always play a free-to-play game for free, but if you’re feeling like you need an “edge” or just really enjoy the game you can throw some money into it, and if you don’t like the game then you don’t have to do anything with it. Nick Earl also went on to say that there is a chance that free games could make it onto consoles in the future.

“I’ve wondered if freemium expands beyond the tablet, Facebook and smartphones, and out into consoles? I don’t think it’s impossible for that to happen.”

Freemium will most likely be a big part of the videogame world…just not yet. It’s great to see big name developers like EA backing free-to-play games and if they get on board then we have some good free games to look forward to. If you missed the link at the top to the full article click here and give it a read. What do you think about free-to-play games? Let us know in the comment section below.