Android based Ouya console to launch with revamped Final Fantasy III

If you follow gaming news, you may have heard about the Kickstarter-funded/Android-based console Ouya. As we previously reported, the Ouya quickly met its goal of raising $950,000 dollars in less than twelve hours. Impressive, no doubt. Even more impressive is the $6 million the project has raised as of now.

The project was started by industry vet Julie Uhrman, as an ambitious idea – to provide a console at a $99 price point with open source capability. Recent news has the Ouya receiving support from cloud game service OnLive which could help the consoles appeal immensely in my opinion.

Now, news from Square Enix (Japanese link – I translated with Google Chrome for anyone who’s interested) indicates that they will be releasing a revamped version of the 1990 classic Final Fantasy III to coincide with the launch of the Ouya as well. Will a game from 1990 draw customers? Or is this merely the start of the relationship between Ouya and Sqaure Enix that could be something big? Time will tell as the game is the only title announced thus far.

It will be interesting to see if other big publishers hop on board to provide games for the Ouya in the months leading up to the consoles reported release  date –  March 2013.

Personally I am interested to see how the final Ouya project competes with the three headed beast that is Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft – it would be interesting to see an underdog pull off big success. What do you think about the Ouya’s chance of success? Let us know in the comments section below.