Awesomenauts now on Steam

A few weeks ago, Ronimo Games announced plans to release Awesomenauts on PC, and today they delivered on that promise. Ronimo’s 2D brawler has been very popular on XBLA and Playstation Network. After requests from gamers to bring the awesomeness to PCs, according to Ronimo, they just had to concede.

Starting today, Awesomenauts will be available on Steam for $9.99 with a Mac version coming soon. The Steam version comes with some awesome goodies.

Gamers who purchase a copy before September 5th will receive a¬†Sheriff Lonestar hat (with authentic mustache!) for the Sniper, Yuri’s jetpack for the Pyro, and a unique medal that can be used with all Team Fortress 2 characters. There will also be a 3-for-2 bundle, so if you have two other buddies interested in checking Awesomenauts out pull your money together and save some money.

Along with the Team Fortress 2 extras, the Awesomenauts soundtrack, produced by Sonic Picnic, will be available as DLC from Steam for $2.99, or for a total $11.99 if you get it bundled with the game.

Enough talk, check out the awesome (sorry had to get it out of my system), PC launch trailer below.


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