Defense Grid developers to host live chat video

Fans of the original Defense Grid will be pleased to hear that Hidden Path, the development team behind the game will be hosting a live video chat to discuss funds for Defense Grid 2.

The video chat will take place on and Hidden Path will talk about their new Kickstarter campaign for the funds. The team, which includes company CEO Jeff Pobst, will also be answering questions from the fans about the new game. Defense Grid 2 is said to have 20 original missions with an all-new storyline, towers, aliens, conflicts, game play modes, level types, and “enhanced” graphics.

Viewers of the video chat will be able to ask questions through Spreecast’s chat system, or go live using their webcam to speak with the development team ( and fellow fans) face-to-face.

Development team Hidden Path launched their first-ever Kickstarter campaign July 10th. As of then, they have raised over $170,00 towards their first goal of $250,000. When they reach this goal, they will release Defense Grid: Containment. This is a eight level expansion of the original DG with a new short story that takes place directly after.

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