Fan questions about Cyberpunk answered by CD Projekt RED

From the team that brought you The Witcher comes their new game, Cyberpunk. CD Projekt RED’s announcement drew a lot of attention prior to E3 and they’ve been “on the down low” ever since then. To keep fans excited about the game, CDPR Community Manager Marcin Momot took the time to answer a few questions from fans about Cyberpunk. The link to the  Q & A can be found by clicking here.

When asked what inspiration references are they using to make Cyberpunk, Marcin Momot told fans they’re using obvious works such as William Gibson and the Blade Runner movie. On top of that, they’re using things from the first Ghost in the Shell (anime and manga) , ShellShock for its’ gameplay and the first part of Deus Ex.

Instead of using mages, warriors and archers they’re going for something different. They plan on letting each character role offer a set of special skills that will drastically change your stats in a variety of ways. They want to make a game where how you customize your character will be “strongly tied with the plot.” Just like their game The Witcher, the game will have different role choices and a very engaging story. In addition to that, players will be able to more freely customize their main protagonist (as opposed to Geralt in the The Witcher series) and will be able to change their statistics, equipment, implants and more.

Marcin Momot also mentioned that he’s been trying to get the art team to release some new content (screenshots, videos etc.) for Cyberpunk but the art team won’t do it. He also encourages fans to follow their website and social media because they will be the first to know.

To finish off their Q &A, Marcin Momot lets the fans know where the game will take place. Cyberpunk story will take place all over the world, but they plan on focusing on the most “characteristic” veunue- Night City. They plan on making the game an open world game that stays true to source material.

Although we know very little about Cyberpunk, the game sounds pretty amazing. We still don’t know when we’ll get more information regarding the game, but I hope it’s soon!


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