Gearbox Devs Talk Aliens: Colonial Marines

Sorry Private Hudson, but the game is far from over.  Not with Aliens: Colonial Marines on the horizon…

Working hard to meet their February 12, 2013 release date, the designers at Gearbox had a few assuring words to say.  Brian Cozzens, the company’s Minister of Art knows that “hardcore fans take this very seriously.”  As such, he said that “we’re trying to be very much in canon.”  So it looks like fans of the Alien movies, video games, and franchise in general will be able to sleep easy on this one.  The team behind Colonial Marines even got to meet with Alien director Ridley Scott.  Alongside Ridley, Gearbox was shown storyboards and given advice to make this game the ultimate Aliens experience.

To conclude, everyone at Gearbox, including CEO Randy Pitchford ensured that the characters in the game are “badasses” and will be able to handle anything that comes their way, “except for this…”

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be available on February for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.  The WiiU version of the game will be released on a later date.