Nexon releases dragon-filled update for Vindictus

Here is some good Vindictus news for the fans. Today developer Nexon announced to the press that they are releasing a new update for the game that comes with several additions, including a powerful “Dragon God” named Echulus to battle.

In addition to raids, the update includes new level 70 weapons and armour to obtain, which should be music to the ears of end-game players.

The update also comes with a bit of lore courtesy of Nexon:

“Many years ago, Fomorians and Humans lived together in perfect harmony. But as time went on, their strength and might grew, overpowering the weak and feeble Humans. Since then, Heide – the land of the Gods has become sacred, allowing only a chosen few access to such a glorious place. A place where our entire destiny is decided. The fate of our world as we know it is at the hands of these gods and Demons. Venture into Heide, on a journey through time and space and face the fate of your true destiny.”

Nexon provided a new trailer for the update which can be viewed below, enjoy.