Nostalgia abound at Gamewarp

Gamewarp, an event held in Orlando dedicated to old school arcade gaming took gamers back in time this past weekend. Featuring over 100 different classic games, from Street Fighter 2 to Frogger and Spy Hunter, visitors were in for quite the nostalgic treat. Arcades have gone the way of the Dodo in the US, making quarter munching arcade machines very difficult to find.

The self sustaining social experience that was “High Scores” in physical arcades is all but extinct, but there are people out to fight this. “The whole point is to keep the classics alive,” said GameWarp organizer Jack Laughlin, the creator of the event. With events such as Gamewarp and older games being ported to Playstation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and the Wii, its safe to say the classics will never die.