Original Video Game Band? Yes please!

Afore Notation, an up-and-coming band from Alabama, has launched a Kickstarter campaign in preparation for their new EP, A Story of Skies, A Voyage of Stars. They have a sound deeply influenced by video games and the influence is prevalent all over: From the stylized music video for their single “Unparalled to the logo seen above, games and all things nerd come first with these guys.

The EP itself is a concept project. Every song tells the story of boy with super-natural powers and his journey. Their goal is for this to simply be the beginning of a series of concept albums, but they must start somewhere. Their immense creativity and passion has been hampered by a lack of financial backing in the past, but Kickstarter offers them a rare opportunity. Lets hope the interwebs will share that passion and support them.

Here’s the video for their single Unparalleled. Click support up above for their Kickstarter.