Maple Story receives new Legends update & “Demon Slayer” class

Today Nexon Europe announced the newest “Legends” update for their extremely popular MMO title Maple Story Europe. The update comes as the third and final installment in the “Legends” series, each of which added a new character class to the game.

The previous two updates saw the introduction of Cannoneers and Mercedes, and now a new powerful character the “Demon Slayer” is being introduced to the world of Maple Story.

According to Nexon,  The Demon Slayer “was a powerful Commander of the Black Magicians, but now fights for the Resistance. Hidden inside a mighty exterior is a mysterious soul full of sorrow and revenge. Discover the dark secrets of the Demon Slayer – what caused him to leave the Black Magicians and seek revenge.”

The Demon Slayer reportedly utilizes “Demon Force” energy as opposed to MP, and has a number of powerful attacks including “Soul Eater” and “Raven Storm”. For more information on the update, head over to the official page.