Dishonored lands top notch stars for voice cast

Bethesda is opening up their wallets to secure high end voice talent for new IP Dishonored. The collection assembled is a nice selection of talented movie and TV stars.

Leading off the pack is Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon who will be playing Granny Rags, once a wealthy aristocrat but has since become quite deranged. Playing the role of Piero, who is your weapons/gadgets supplier like Q in the Bond movies is Brad Dourif of Lord of the Rings fame. Carrie Fisher will be the voice you hear in the background in the city of Dunnwall which announces all of the government propaganda. John Slattery of Mad Men plays Admiral Havelock and will assist you in your quest for revenge. Chloe Grace Moretz of Hugo and Kick-Ass is the daughter of the murdered Empress that is being held captive. Her caretaker is Lena Headey of Game of Thrones and Sarah Conner Chronicles. Last but not least, Kill Bill’s Michael Madsen will be playing an assassin named Daud.

Interesting that no voice actor was announced for Corvo, the main character of the game. Seems like either he won’t be speaking like Gordon Freeman of Half Life, or Bethesda wants to hold off for a few surprises. I personally think they’re gonna go for the voiceless main character route. Check out the photo from Bethesda below.