EA bringing FIFA and Madden to Wii U

Electronic Arts is promising big-time sports support for the Wii U when the console launches this fall. Not only is the ubiquitous Madden franchise on the way in the form of Madden 13, but that other football game, FIFA Soccer 13, is coming as well.

We don’t know if Nintendo’s touch screen tablet controller is going to be a smash hit or a bust yet, but EA is betting on the former, with plenty of features to take advantage of the device. FIFA 13 is going to give players “Team Management Control” to allow them to use the touch screen to change strategy or substitute players on the fly.

If players are more into action than tactics, the Wii U controller touch screen can be used to aim set pieces. There’s even the option to shake the controller in the middle of game action to activate something called “Touch Screen Shooting” that promises to give virtual footballers more control over their strikes.

In Madden 13, the Wii U controller will bring pre-snap adjustments and playcalling to the touch screen. Other than that, the more traditional controls and new-for-Nintendo HD graphics should make the overall experience more on par with what we’ve been seeing on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Madden.

The NFL and EPL seasons will already be in full swing when Wii U launches, so EA is making sure that both titles will be on shelves when the console launches.