Win a MechWarrior Online beta key!

Those of you out there who have been keeping up with my articles, you know I’ve been writing a lot of MechWarrior Online news. Last time around, I got to attend the MechWarrior Online Community Day event and play MechWarrior Online and MechWarrior Tactics for 3 hours and then write about it for your reading pleasure.

This time, we’re taking that process and doing a complete 180. You nice folks are going to be the ones writing, and you are going to be the ones to have a chance to benefit from that writing, while we here at That VideoGame Blog are going to read and comment on your opinions.

What you gotta do is hop on over to the computer games section in our forums, register for an account if you don’t have one already, and reply to my thread about your all time favorite mech game and why. Was there a certain game type that was addicting to you? Maybe you had an unstoppable clan, or a couple hilarious moments that made the game stand out? Was it something old like the original MechWarrior for the SNES or more recent like Mech Assault on the Xbox?

One lucky person who posts will receive instant access to the MechWarrior Online beta, without having to purchase a founders package. The winner will receive the key on Sunday, August 5th. For those unfamiliar with MechWarrior Online, check out some gameplay footage below.

While you’re in the forums, take a look at some of the other discussions we’ve got going. It’s a good place to get our opinions about stuff that wouldn’t make it into an article, while giving you a chance to share your own thoughts.

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