Vanguard: Saga of Heroes transitioning to F2P soon


Sony Online Entertainment franchise Vanguard: Sage of Heroes is moving soon to a free-to-play model according to a new post on the official site which can be read here.

Fans of the franchise will able to start playing free of charge on August 14th 2012 and there will be a number of changes to the game and game community to coincide with the move to free-to-play. The game was released back in January of 2007 and personally I am surprised it stayed subscription based this long.

The changes will include (according to the site):

  • New Website: Our official website has received a major facelift and has a new URL –
  • Vanguard Marketplace: The Vanguard Marketplace offers several categories to browse – Services, Mounts and Pets, Appearance and Equipment, and Housing.
  • Starting Areas Revamp: New characters will now start one of the following starting areas: Cliffs of Ghelgad, Tanvu, Three Rivers Village, Tursh Village, or the Isle of Dawn.
  • Removed Class Restrictions: We removed the class restrictions for all races. You can now create that special combination of character that you dreamed about making!

    There is an undeniable trend of MMORPG titles going F2P. Even Star Wars: The Old Republic is going F2P soon. Are subscription based MMO titles a thing of the past? With Guild Wars 2 coming out later this month, boasting a one-time fee and what many think is the next big thing , it’s hard to see subscription games surviving.