“Behind the Music of Blockbuster Video Games” to be featured at PAX 2012


Planning on attending PAX 2012? Fan of video game music? You might be in luck. PAX 2012 will give attendees a behind the scenes look at what goes into video game soundtracks, courtesy of “Behind the Music of Blockbuster Video Games”.

The event will be taking place at the Kraken Theatre in Seattle,  Saturday, September 1st 10.30am – 11.30am and will feature a number of big-name game composers such as Jesper Kyd (Darksiders IIBorderlands 2); Michael McCann (Deus Ex: Human Revolution); Inon Zur (Dragon Age I & II) and Sam Hulick (Mass EffectMass Effect 2,Mass Effect 3).

The session promises to be educational and highly informational, with talent comprising years of industry experience available for questions and answers. There will also be a free giveaway and the promise of a special guest, so if you`re in the area during the week of September 1st, you might want to check it out.

For more information on the event visit the official page at http://prime.paxsite.com/schedule/panel/behind-the-music-of-blockbuster-video-games.