PAYDAY: The Heist receives first DLC


Fans of the PS3 and PC bank robbery FPS PAYDAY: The Heist can expand their operations today thanks to the newly released DLC courtesy of SOE. The announcement from Sony came via a press release, and detailed the features of the new DLC. The pack apparently features new weapons, a new class, new features, and new achievements.

According to Sony, key features of this DLC include:

  • New Weapons: Got a problem? Solve it by spraying some lead on the move with the all-new auto handgun and assault rifle. Want people to fear you? Show them the shiny new grenade launcher; it will blow them away, literally. Need someone to watch your back? Release the brand new deployablesentry gun to take out your enemies.
  • The Technician: Based on the character Wolf, the technician is a man who knows how to get things done. With a new skill set and equipment, the technician is a techno-sociopath using the sentry-gun and tool kit.
  • One Pays, All Plays: Got friends in high places? If you are tight on cash until the next score, all you need is a friend with the content. The new heists can only be hosted if you own the DLC, but anyone with the base game can join for free.
  • Just When You Think You Are Out, They Pull You Back In: With all new trophies and achievements there is a whole lot more for you to brag about. Also, the sky is the limit with a raised level cap.

The content is available on the PSN and via the net on the PC, and costs a reported $9.99 USD. For more info you can check out the official site at