“Party Champions” coming to Wii U courtesy of Warner Bros


Warner Brothers. Interactive Entertainment has announced to the press today that will be releasing a highly interactive party game for the Wii U this Christmas titled “Party Champions”. Champions will feature a number of games such as basketball (shooting competition), table hockey, baseball, and football that promise to make intuitive use of the tablet controller.

Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Production and Development spoke about the games unique control experience.

“Developed specifically for Wii U, Game Party Champions has a fun, pick up-and-play style that experienced and novice gamers will equally enjoy,” she explained. “Players can tilt, turn and swipe the Wii U’s revolutionary touch screen controller to play in entirely new ways.”

Game Party Champions will reportedly offer three “exhilarating” game modes: Quick Play, Story Mode and Party Mode.  The modes are pretty self explanatory, Quick Play offering an instant jump into action, Story Mode offering a quest to become a champion, and Party Mode offering a fun varied multiplayer experience.

Sounds pretty basic, but if the gameplay is addictive then I could see Party Champions being a hit with the original Wii crowd. Look for the game in stores this Christmas.