War of Legends holding “Summer Strike” competition


RTS game War of Legends is holding a “Summer Strike” competition according to a press release from  UK developer Jagex. Players will have the opportunity to take part in the festivities for the next 30 days, and play a sped-up version of the game which will allow for more intense action on the battlefield.

According to Jagex “All player travel, building, troop training and research times will be accelerated, allowing players to build quicker, train faster and wage war against their enemies before they’ve had time to fully prepare.”

Of course, there will also be prizes involved, with over $200,000 worth of in-game merchandise being given away. If you are a War of Legends player, this seems like the perfect time to pit yourself against the world. To check the game out you can head over to the official site here. Let the conquering begin.