Dark Blood – Act III to feature Zombies, “hardcore” action


Free-to-play MMO arcade brawler Dark Blood is about to unleash its third Act on the web, and the new chapter in the saga apparently features zombies and fierce, hardcore action according to developer Outspark.

“Act III is so hardcore and the fighting so fierce, players will be left breathless. The game is extremely challenging and unforgiving in this new territory, and unbelievably alive and wicked,” said Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark. “There are actually so many new monsters each with their own bizarre traits, high-fiving each other, players are sure to break a sweat while laughing out loud.”

New enemies reportedly include zombies, goblins, and one-eyed monsters. Zombies seem to be be pretty popular these days, so I am not overly surprised when a game features them as opponents anymore.

The new update has a raised cap level, so you can now play up to level 40, as well as a new area to explore, “Quern Castle”. If you are interested in checking out Dark Blood, you can visit the official site at www.playdarkblood.com.