New Dragon’s Dogma demo coming to PS3


Despite the game being out for almost 3 months now, Capcom today has announced that a new demo of Dragon’s Dogma will be available for PS3 owners.

The game shipped over a million copies its first month, but with plans to make Dragon’s Dogma into a franchise, it looks like Capcom is trying to bring in some fresh gamers by releasing a new demo. The demo will feature the game’s Prologue and access to Dragon’s Dogma’s in-depth character customization screen. As with the original demo, players will be able to carry over save data into the full version of the game.

The new demo will be available starting August 15th in Europe and on the North American PlayStation Store on August 21st.

What do you think? Will Capcom be able to bring in new players into the Dragon’s Dogma universe, or has everyone that is interested in the game already purchased a copy?

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