Summer update arrives for Stronghold Kingdoms


Stronghold Kingdoms, the #2 free-to-play game on Steam has received a summer update courtesy of developer/creator Firefly Studios. Firefly released a number of new details about the free  update to the press today, including the addition of “over 150 unique quests”, as well a new “Quest Wheel”  which will give players the chance to win in-game items ranging from gold to strategy cards.

Quests have been a long awaited addition to the game, and will add a new dynamic to the game. Firefly continues to polish this already popular free-to-play title in anticipation of the games GM release, which will reportedly feature new music and sound effects.

Players will earn spins on the Quest Wheel by completing the added quests, and will have a chance to win the in-game items from five different tiers, each having its own set of unique loot. The new questing system should add a good amount of play time to the game, and will have players engaging in tasks such as “gathering intelligence on neighbouring Lords and clearing your parish of wolf lairs, to erecting castle walls within a time limit and even taking down The Wolf.”

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