Prepare for a cold winter with Dead Space 3


For those of you not looking forward to the icy stab of winter in the next few months, be glad that you’re not Isaac Clarke.

Taking the phrase more literally, EA has just announced a release date for the third installment in the chilling Dead Space franchise.  This time around, you’ll be at odds with necromorphs as Isaac brings the fight to a frozen wasteland of a planet.  You’ll also explore the remains of a once thriving space colony, and be taken to the far reaches of space.  How appropriate that Electronic Arts debuts Dead Space 3 on February 5, 2013.

This time around, however, Isaac will be needing help.  Players will be able to team up with a partner and new character John Carver to fend off the horrors that lurk in the darkest crevices of the galaxy if they so choose.

Now available for pre-order, fans of the Dead Space franchise will not want to miss out on the Dead Space 3 Limited Edition.  The limited edition will contain first access to two bundles:

The “First Contact” Bundle will provide explorers with the First Contact Suit and the Negotiator Weapon.

Meanwhile, the “Witness the Truth” Bundle equips players with the Witness Suit and the Evangelizer Weapon.

Dead Space 3 is gearing up to be a no holds barred gore-fest that we can’t wait to kick off 2013 with.  We want to hear your favorite Dead Space moments, we know you have them.  Sound off in the comment section.