Ubisoft releases bass guitar expansion for Rocksmith


Yesterday, Ubisoft announced to the press that they will be releasing an expansion for their hit music game Rocksmith that will allow bassists to rock out to favorite jams. The DLC, which will be made available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 for $29.99 and will add bass parts to the original 53 tracks in the game. If you own Rocksmith DLC, the expansion will also add bass parts to any tracks you have purchased.

Players can plug in any real bass guitar to play along, or if you don’t own a bass guitar, you can also use a six-string guitar and the game will emulate the bass playing experience on four strings. The bass expansion also allows access to “all-new bass guitar features”, including tutorials, bass pedals, amps, and technique challenges.

Starting tomorrow, the standard edition of the game which retails for $79.99 will also come with the bass tracks included. Interested in finding out more? You can hit up the official Rocksmith website at www.rocksmith.com.