Combat Arms put on “Death Row”


In an announcement made to the press today, Nexon America has revealed new content for their FPS Combat Arms titled Operation: Death Row. Operation: Death Row contains a new map titled Death Row for the Hired Guns game mode, which if you haven’t guessed, takes place in a prison.

According to Nexon, the map “is a team-based game mode with unlimited respawns and where players can hire mercenaries to fortify their bases. The map features five capture points with small rooms and corridors, which will invite close quarter combat, with few sniper nests and little space to camp for kills.” Sounds like an intense map for close combat.

To coincide with the release of this new content, Nexon is also hosting an “Open Armory Event” starting today which allows players free access to 38 in-game weapons for a limited time. There will also be XP bonuses during the event for players who play Hired Guns.

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