Second Annual Saxxy Awards announced by Valve

Valve has officially released more details regarding their second annual Saxxy Awards. A couple of days ago on G4TV, it was announced that this year’s Saxxy participants will be powered by the Source Filmmaker (SFM),  a recently released  storytelling tool created by Valve in the Source Engine to make all of their animated short films. These films include things such as the “Meet the Team” series of Team Fortress 2 shorts.

Those who enter will compete for honors in five categories, ranging from Best Comedy to Best Drama. The winners will take home their own Saxxy and the overall winner will receive a Saxxy along with a trip to Valve and will have a chance to see their work aired on GTTV’s Video Game Awards Preshow this upcoming December.

Geoff Keighley, who is in charge of  public relations for Spike TV,  stated “I am absolutely inspired and stunned by the early work I’ve seen from fans experimenting with SFM.” He also went on say “All of us at Spike are excited to work with Valve to give someone in the community the chance to world premiere their original SFM short on TV in over 99 million homes.” Bay Raitt, a designer at Valve, believes this year’s Saxxy’s will “produce an incredible collection of animated shorts all made by- and for the community.”

For those of you who want to participate in this year’s Saxxy Awards, you can here click  for rules and information.