Give your feet a rest with these new Grand Theft Auto: V screens


What better way to start off your week than with a trifecta of screenshots from Rockstar Games’ highly anticipated title Grand Theft Auto: V?

Posted on their Newswire blog this morning in a gallery simply titled “Transport,” fans of the series are treated to three brand new screenshots that really show off the game’s legs.  What means of transport can we now confirm are in the latest installment in the GTA franchise?

Photo: Rockstar Games

Bicycles: Making their first appearance since San Andreas back in 2004, Rockstar is giving us a twofer in their first image.  Not only will players be able to “borrow” some health nut’s ten-speed, but it looks like they’ll have plenty of room to gallop along one of the game’s many beaches.  We also notice that the scenery looks spot-on.  SoCal residents will definitely recognize the GTA take of Santa Monica pier in the background.

Photo: Rockstar Games

Cars: Not sure what you were expecting here, “auto” IS in the name.  In this brand new screen long time fans will definitely recognize the Cheeta brand sported on the rear.  We’re also very impressed by the clean, sleek look of the car.  The license plates, as well, are impressively modeled after the generic CA style.

Photo: Rockstar Games

Planes: Once again unseen since GTA:V’s PS2 counterpart, we’ll be heading to the skies in something more than a whirlybird this time around.  A fighter jet soars above the city – definitely a way to beat that painful highway traffic.

It looks like the company has shifted into full news mode for Grand Theft Auto: V, R* ended their post promising more pics to come this week.  What’s there to expect?  More transportation?  Characters?  Weapons?