PopCap Announces Plants vs. Zombies 2 for 2013


Get your gardens ready, ’cause the zombies are coming back for round two. PopCap’s hit title Plants vs. Zombies is getting a sequel for release sometime in spring 2013. PopCap is being very tight lipped about what to expect from the sequel, only saying to expect new features, settings and situations.

This announcement comes with little surprise to people who follow PopCap in the gaming industry. Plants vs. Zombies was a huge hit from the Peggle creators, seeing release on pretty much every platform known to man.

PopCap released a statement from an unidentified Zombie. “Spring is crullest curlie ungood time, and plantz grow dull roots, So, we are meating you for brainz at yore house. No worry to skedule schedlue plan… we’re freee anytime. We’ll find you”.

I know I’m excited about the prospect of more Plants vs. Zombies in my life, what do you guys think? Let us know below.