Fable: The Journey demo to be released in September


Have you been itching to get your hands on the new Kinect-controlled edition of the Fable franchise?


Sure. I get it. There has been no lack of yelling from gamers and writers about Fable: The Journey.

Luckily, Lionhead Studios is trying to change our perception of the game by releasing a demo on September 17th, according to Strategyinformer.com. This will be the first pre-release demo for the company and, one could argue, it is the only way that they will be able to prove that the game is worth our attention before it hits shelves in early October.

My advice is to pick it up (if you have a Kinect) and give it a spin. Who knows, maybe it’ll blow your socks off.

And then again, maybe we should just stick to skepticism.