Pray for Dark features blind protagonist, launches Kickstarter


A new Kickstarter project has been launched for horror/adventure game Pray for Dark. The game features a bad-ass blind protagonist named Angel (aka Sewer Man) who is modeled after a character drawing done by gothic artist BROM – as he explores dark and monster-filled sewers.

Angel will have to deal with creatures such as giant 20 pound rats, and “screamers” on his way to destroy the “Queen Mother” at the very depths of the sewer system. The game will make critical use of  5:1 surround sound, as your sight will be limited. Angel will have special echo-location goggles that also give him night vision. Sounds interesting.

The game features steam-punk inspired design and weaponry, so fans of the steam-punk style may want to check the game out. Supporters will be rewarded with a variety of different gifts depending on the amount pledged.

Valyr Studios began the Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $400,000 to fund the game.

Intrigued? You can check out the full Kickstarter page at

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Matthew Mielniczek.
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