Dishonored gives you a lesson in the art of stealth


If you’re a fan of hiding in the dark instead of going in guns blazing, then today is your lucky day. As part of a continuing video series, Arkane Studios has released a new video for upcoming title Dishonored. In this new video Arkane shows you how to travel in the city of Dunwall as a stealth master.

Stealth in Dishonored consists of two major pillars. First is line of sight. This requires the player to use the dark vision power to see where enemies are looking so you know where to avoid. The player can also blow out candles to create darkness and maintain distance as an effective method to travel unnoticed. Secondly sound is a major stealth factor in Dishonored. Enemies will have indicators so the player knows if they are making too much noise and need to move back or walk slower. The player can also interact with objects such as a hitting the wall or playing the strings of a harp to get enemies to leave their current location.

Check out the new video below, and become a stealth master yourself when Dishonored comes out October 9th.